NOTICE Friday Prayer Resuming

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Assalam alikoum wa rahmatu Allah waa barakatuh

Tomorrow in’shaa’Allah we will resume Jumuah prayer in the NNMA centre
We want to remind you that during this hard time and in these difficult conditions we need the help of all the community to make jumuah prayers safe and successful .
Organising Friday prayers will be a big challenge and without your patience and you support and understanding it will not be possible to make it happen
So we seek the help from Allah and we kindly ask all of you to read this message and follow the guidance  barak’Allahu’ feekom
And here are some very important reminders :
-         If you have any covid symptoms or you feeling unwell please don’t attend the centre and book for a test to protect yourself and others
-         If you have been in contact ; or you live with someone who tested positive : then please don’t attend the centre till you have a negative covid test
-          Please do your best to park your car sensibly away from the center to avoid congestion. ( please respect the rights of the neighbours )
-  Make wudu at home, bring a prayer mat, wear a face mask, and bring a bag for your shoes ( anyone refusing to wear mask or refusing the follow the regulation will not be permitted to enter the centre )
- Once you arrive, please maintain a two metres distance before entering and follow all instructions given to you on the day by our volunteers
- Please refrain from shaking hands ( avoid all contact : shake hand ; hug …)
- Bookshelves, Shoe racks & toilets are not available 
- Follow the one-way system and the instructions of the volunteers
- Children under 10-years old, respected sisters and all respected members above the age of 70 are kindly requested not to attend for time being.
there will be two Jumma prayers as usual. Please take note that the first Jumma will be in English at 12.15pm and the second in Arabic at 1.00pm. 
all the rules and regulations mentioned in the government website concerning community centres and places of worship apply and this message was just a reminder of few of them so please respect the regulations and respect and follow the volunteers barakaAllahufeekom
thank you for your help , JazakoumAllahu’khayr

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