COVID Guidance - Centre Reopening

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Assalam alikoum wa rahmatu Allah.

By the grace and mercy of Allah, we are pleased to announce the re-opening of our NNMA centre for congregational prayers and jumuah prayers. 
The guidance of the government and updated regulations have to be respected and we all need to make the reopening successful for our safety and to protect our centre and the community.
 Norwich (and Norfolk) has been placed in Tier 2 (high risk). and it's our responsibility to work together, respect the rules and help the staff/volunteers who give their time and efforts to make our activities happen. 
The new updates will not result in significant changes to what the centre was adopting before the lockdown but a reminder of a few important rules and the important updates is necessary:
1. Make wudu at home, bring a prayer mat, wear a face mask, and bring a bag for your shoes
2. Once you arrive, please maintain the social distance follow all instructions given to you by our volunteers
3.Download the NHS app and scan the barcode using your phone at the entrance of the Centre.
4. Please refrain from shaking hands and/hugging.
5. Bookshelves, Shoe racks & Toilets are not available 
6. Follow the one-way system
7. Children under 10-years old, respected sisters and all respected members above the age of 70 are kindly requested not to attend for the time being. ( for the sisters: it was the kind suggestion of our respcted sisters to leave the sisters area for brothers to have more space in jumuah but the centre will be open for sisters for the rest of prayers )
Jumuah prayer time for the month of December:
1st jumuah: 12.00
2nd jumuah: 12.35
We ask you kindly to respect the volunteers and follow their instructions and please after the prayer don't stay outside the centre and go straight to your car/home

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